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My goals for this website is to defend, protect and save the planet by educating the public, and encouraging people to become eco-friendly. Every tree we plant, all the litter we clean and the animals we save are brought by your generous support.

Defend, Protect and Help




Support Or Don't Support: The Oil And Gas Industry

This blog article will discusses whether or not an earth defender should support the oil and gas industries. To start, I will explain what a sustainable development is and how the oil and gas companies are creating one and at the same time, totally destroying one.

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10 Ways You Can Help The Planet

Wanting to be more eco-friendly? Here's how you can help out and become an Earth Defender.

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Baobabs And Bamboos

Trees are crucial to the existence and well being of many creatures. We are dedicated to protect and plant trees who's populations are on the decline so we can help re-build a healthy eco-system.

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Clean Corals

Coral bleaching affects great amounts of our oceans and threatens many species who rely on the coral as a habitat. Our mission is to fight for clean and healthy reefs and to empower people to save our coral reefs.

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What The Frack?

At What The Frack?, we believe that any sort of activities that are related to massive and unsustainable exploitation of gas, oil and coal is wrong and is not contributing to helping the planet.

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Earth Rights

Earth Rights is dedicated to prioritize the environment when it is threatened by corporations or other massively groups.

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